Tuesday, November 10, 2009

M.F. Three Rivers, MI

On behalf of my wife and myself, I want to thank you for all that you have done for us to date. We have been impressed with your timeliness and reliability in addition to your fine work at a very resonable price. We enjoy working with you and look forward to you satisfying our future needs. We are all about integrity and it is apparent that you pride yourself on same.
Thank you again and extend our best to your family.


Monday, November 9, 2009

This past Friday we had the opportunity to serve a fine family in the Three Rivers area. They have a beautiful home in a park like setting out in the country, surrounded by woods and flowers and lots of wildlife. One of the issues facing homes located in an area where there are many trees is leaf-filled gutters, and this 2 story home was no exception. Not only did Jon rid the gutters of the leaves, sticks, and other debris clogging the gutter trough, he also cleared the downspouts of anything impeding water flow on its trek away from the house. By ensuring that water was indeed going down the spouts, he discovered that one of the buried drain tiles was not taking the water away from the house due to a clog - an issue that could have caused severe water damage to the basement or foundation. Jon was able to track down and remove the clog from the buried pipe, thus allowing for normal flow once again. The owners also had a leak in one of the gutters that they asked to have looked at. Upon inspection, it was discovered that two of the corner seams had separated, resulting in water running out of the gutter right next to the front porch steps. A little flexible silicon on the seams, and the gutter is good as new!

After considering the level of service they received on the first job - and the extremely fair cost of the service - they asked if we could repair an exterior light fixture for them. A light bulb had broken off at the base and the socket had been damaged while trying to remove it. Jon agreed to look at it to see if he could help. The homeowners were very concerned with having to replace the fixture because they would have to try and match it up to the 2 other (12 year old) fixtures, or worse yet, have to replace all 3 fixtures. You can imagine the potential cost of this! Well, to make a long story short, Jon was able to replace the lamp socket and had their old fixture working like new in no time; and for a fraction of the cost of replacing the fixture!

Do you have an item that you've been putting off replacing because of the inherent cost? Give us a call. Maybe it won't have to be replaced at all! We can give you an honest evaluation of what your options are.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hardwood Floors

Today was a beautiful day outside. But it was also that way inside for some home owners. Jon and a few other guys started first thing this morning ripping old carpet out to install hardwood floors. They weren't really expecting to get all the floor done, but everything went so well, that in one day they tore carpet out and installed the new floor in most of the area they were hoping to put it. What a beautiful change for this home!

Here the men are working hard at getting the flooring in. Goes so nicely with the wood around their fireplace and certainly will add a fresh new look to their dining room, living room, and hallway where it was installed.

This contemporary dining room area will be really styling with this floor! Here is Jon working his way to the kitchen. What a great look this house will now have! From doors to floors, Bovee Family Services can help you make changes that your house needs to feel new, yet not cost the same price as brand new. We are here to serve you, just give us a call! We can give you ideas or take your ideas and make them reality.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Testimonial- L. B. Wolcottville, IN

This young man has done many jobs for me around my home. He is quick and the one I call when I have jobs needing taken care of that I am unable to do. The following is a brief list of some of the things he has done.
~He brought my laundry room up to the main floor from the basement. This included tearing out a closet and laundry chute, installing a stack washer/dryer, and repainting the walls, trim, and vanity. What a difference!
~The landscaping has had his touch several times. He removed overgrown bushes and added new plants. The other bushes have been trimmed and the sidewalks edged.
~My garage catches lots of overflow from the house, and he has came in cleaned out, organized and made new shelves.
~He has installed a new water softener and brings me salt.
~Even little jobs help me out such as light bulbs changed, refrigerator door seal replaced, cleaned gutters and three doors replaced to make my older home more updated.
~Oil changes for my vehicle are done right here at my home, and other maintenance for my van. So convenient!

He cleans up the messes, works efficiently and always leaves me pleased with the ending result. Jon is my go to guy for all my home repairs, remodels, outside care, and auto care needs. Thanks for all that you do!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Enhancing A Hallway With A New Door

This job was a quick one, but what a difference it made in this hallway that leads to the family room. This hallway comes from the kitchen, and the door that was changed goes to the basement. The basement is where a lot of storage is and extra canned goods. So, it is used daily. The handle was on the side opposite of the direction of the kitchen. What a hassle to walk around the door, so he got a new door with the handle on the more convenient side and white to brighten up the hallway.
Here is the before picture. This door has been in since the house was built, so about 34 years old. An update was definitely needed.

Here is the master craftsman at work. Quick, easy, and out in no time, left this client with a beautiful new door that she just loves.

Fits perfectly and looks so much nicer. Wow, what a difference!
This client will also be having some closet doors in her foyer redone, as well as some electrical work. Jon's services and capabilities are extensive, which allows him to meet all of your home's needs. Wouldn't it be nice to have one company do ALL the jobs you need accomplished in your home, both big and small? Give Jon a call, and he will see what you need done.
Continue checking this blog. We would like to keep our readers/clients informed of what the possibilities are for your home to have a face lift and feel like a new place without having a brand new home. We'll help you with ideas or simply redo the things you want changed. We look forward to your call today!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wood Cutting and Clearing

This time of year, some may be preparing to fire up their wood stoves to heat their homes this winter. We have done that already and just love the warmth of wood heat. One of our neighbors wanted his woods cleaned out of dead trees, which works out perfectly for us because we know just the place to take the wood-our wood pile. This is another service that we offer. Cleaning out a woods of all the dead and fallen trees can be time consuming but looks so much nicer when finished.

Jon has the gear, the know how, and enjoys getting outdoors and using his chainsaw.
This is something I remember doing when I was a little girl. My dad would take me and my brother along when he cut wood, and we would build forts and use our imaginations in the deep dark forest. But it wasn't all play for us. We had to help load the wood into the truck and then pile it when we got home. This is something that we want our children to learn as well. It is so good to have children help, and I can remember it being fun. Little did I know that my parents were teaching me how to work and do what needed to be done in the family. That is what we want to instill in our children too. They love going to the woods with their Papa, and are becoming good little helpers.

This day of wood cutting came to a close. Time to pack up and head home where supper awaits. I wouldn't want my children following anybody else so closely as their Papa. If they walk in his footsteps, they will grow up to become respectful young adults who know how to work and serve others. That is one of our goals and if they can have fun learning it, then that is even better.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Property Management

Have more landscaping and grounds than you can keep up with, going on vacation, or live in warmer climates during the cold, winter months? We can manage all your property's needs including the grounds work, home maintenance, animal care, and checking in to make sure everything is in working order.
If your summer schedule gets full, and you run out of time to keep up with the weeding, mowing, and general care of your grounds, then we would love to help by putting our hands to work on your land. Having somebody tend the garden areas can free you up to do the things that matter most to you. Or if you have an area that you want relandscaped or updated, we are qualified to do that as well. Landscaping is one of our enjoyments, and we would love to come spruce yours up.
With having so many areas of expertise under our belts, allows us to be a reliable company to manage your property, whether you are home or relaxing on vacation. We have experience in doing more difficult tasks of keeping everything functioning properly, to feeding the cat, to taking your trash out when you're gone. We are able to meet all your needs. You will be able to enjoy your time away knowing that things are being tended to on the home front. Our goal is not to treat your property like it's our's, but to treat it how YOU want it treated, and let you have the vacation you deserve or just let you enjoy the sunsets in life and not worry about the hassles of home maintenance. We are here to serve you.